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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do some of these packages cost money?

The short answer is spam. The long answer, LOTS OF SPAM. We get hundreds of listing requests a week and many of them are from people looking to take advantage of lawyers (by marketing shady products/services for example). By charging a small fee, we drastically reduce the number of spam requests, and ensure that our index remains the most accurate and spam free listing for Canadian Lawyers. As an index, we get tens of thousands of visitors every month looking for lawyers, and we want only the best and most recent entries in our database. Our experience has shown us that most lawyers and law firms are willing to spend a small fee for inclusion, which helps weed out the spammers from the serious lawyers.

2. Why should I list myself in your database?

As a lawyer, one way to build out clients is exposure. Our listing index is one of the top Canadian Lawyer directories and as a result is visited hundreds of thousands of times a month by prospective clients searching for representation in their area of the country. In addition, our listing has exceptional Google penetration and most of our listings show up very highly in Google search results for both cities, provinces, and individual lawyer and law firm names. An accurate and up to date listing telling clients why they should contact you is an essential way to bring in new business.

3. How long will it take you to update/add my submission?

That depends on how long it takes us to verify your identity. Usually that's only a day or two but in some cases it can take a few weeks. As soon as your entry has been accepted (or rejected) we will send you an email notifying you of its status. So please ensure that you use an accurate and active email address when submitting.

4. What do you consider a law firm?

A law firm is any entity (even if it employs just one lawyer) that is distinct from the actual lawyer themselves. For example, corporations, centers, law offices, partnerships, LLPs, consultants, groups, companies, solicitors, etc. A lawyer, for the purposes of our packages, is one distinct person with no information in their profile based on a business. Lawyers are restricted to speaking about themselves only when filling out their profiles. Those that do not will be rejected from our index. Law firms, on the other hand, can fill out their profile and include information on multiple lawyers and services offered by that firm, regardless of whether or not the person filling out the profile is capable of delivering those services as an individual.

5. What happens if I want to cancel my listing?

You are absolutely free to do so at any time. Once you signup, you'll receive an email with details on your subscription. These details will include instructions on how to terminate at any time.

6. My listing is already in your index, I just want to update it but not pay, can I do that?

Unfortunately, no! A lot of shady internet users will attempt to pretend to be someone else, in order to get control of a listing and fill it with internet marketing links. To combat this, we limit editing new entries to 24 hours for free listings and 2 weeks for paid listings. After this window closes, you will need to submit a new listing or contact us in order to make changes. You can contact us via email at

7. Will you give out my contact details to third parties?

Absolutely not. You can see our full privacy policy that outlines what we will and won't do with your contact information here.

8. Do you charge Tax on new Listings?

Unfortunately yes. Canada Lawyer List is based in Ontario, Canada, and as such we charge Ontario HST on all paid new listing entries. We wish this weren't so, but it is what it is...

9. My listing shows inaccurate information or points to "near me" lawyers that are no longer working at my firm. Can I remove them?

In order to update inaccurate information, you must submit a new listing with proper details. If lawyers are showing up in the "lawyers near me" section, that are no longer in your area, this is most likely due to inaccurate information on those lawyers pages. The best way to correct this is to contact those lawyers and request that they update their own listings in our site to ensure the most accurate information.

10. How do I remove myself from your website entirely?

If you want your listing removed permanently from our index, simply send us a brief message at requesting its removal. Be sure to send us the link to your profile, otherwise we will not be able to remove it.

11. When I go to signup, my city is not one of the options. How do I add it?

We try our hardest to get the list of cities as comprehensive as possible but sometimes a city (or suburb) gets missed. Simply send us an email at requesting we add it, and we'll put it into the system. Once it's added, we'll contact you and let you know it's okay to signup...

12. I am a lawyer who works entirely not-for-profit. Can you make an exception for paid profiles to add me?

If you are a not-for-profit lawyer, contact us at with details about your operations. It you truly are 100% not-for-profit, we can skip the fees on some of our packages with verification of your identity.