Patrick B. Higgerty

Patrick B. Higgerty is a Canadian lawyer practising in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...

To get in touch with Patrick B. Higgerty our records indicate that you can do so via their most recent address of 30TH FLOOR, 421 - 7TH AVENUE SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P4K9 or by phone: 403-503-8888. For a map to this location, scroll down and we've provided a map showing the approximate location of Patrick B. Higgerty.

Additional Details for Patrick B. Higgerty

Experienced Lawyer, Justice of the Peace, Queen's Counsel, Business Law, Business and Incorporation, Real Estate, Mortgages and Land Titles, Litigation, Personal Injury, Insurance Benefits, International Business, Contracts and Agreements, Immigration Law, Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths, Member of Law Society of Alberta (Active) and Law Society of British Columbia (Inactive), Civil Litigation, Avocate for residents of Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and in British Columbia.

Patrick B. Higgerty's Areas of Expertise

Patrick B. Higgerty is a Canadian lawyer who works on a wide range of legal problems. Contact Patrick if you need a lawyer for any of the following areas of expertise:
• Arbitration Services
• Bankruptcy Law
• Barrister and Solicitor
• Business and Incorporation
• Civil Litigation
• Contract Law
• Estate Management
• Franchise Law
• Immigration and Naturalization
• Insurance Benefits
• Intellectual Property
• International Business
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Notaries Public
• Paralegals
• Patent Law
• Personal Injury Defense
• Trademarks and Copyright
• Workers Compensation
• Wrongful Termination

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Patrick B. Higgerty

30TH FLOOR, 421 - 7TH AVENUE SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P4K9

Phone: 403-503-8888