Eric Lorne Honey

Eric Lorne Honey is a Canadian lawyer practising in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada...

To get in touch with Eric Lorne Honey our records indicate that you can do so via their most recent address of 146 RICHMOND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Z6W2 or by phone: 613-722-2493. For a map to this location, scroll down and we've provided a map showing the approximate location of Eric Lorne Honey.

Additional Details for Eric Lorne Honey

Over 40 years of professional legal services in Ottawa with expertise in Wills, Estates and Real Estate.

Eric Lorne Honey's Areas of Expertise

Eric Lorne Honey is a Canadian lawyer who works on a wide range of legal problems. Contact Eric if you need a lawyer for any of the following areas of expertise:
• Barrister and Solicitor
• Business and Incorporation
• Estate Management
• Notaries Public
• Probate
• Real Estate/Property Law
• Wills
• Powers of Attorney

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Eric Lorne Honey

146 RICHMOND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Z6W2

Phone: 613-722-2493